What is A Midnight Visit?
A Midnight Visit is an interactive and immersive indoor theatrical experience, created by Broad Encounters Productions and originally produced by Broad Encounters and Groundswell Productions. Conceived and designed as a ‘choose-your-own-journey’, guests are invited to let their curiosity lead the way as they travel through a multi-room dreamscape filled with otherworldly characters and exquisite scenes.

The show features adult concepts, uneven floors, small and large spaces, low-level lighting and many thrilling sights and encounters.

Where can I see it?
A Midnight Visit has event premiered in Sydney over 12 weeks in 2018, and was presented as part of FRINGE WORLD Festival in Perth 2019. It then ran for an extended 16 weeks in Melbourne. Most recently A Midnight Visit played in Brisbane from July 2021 – January 2022. To find out if we’ll be visiting your city next, sign up to our newsletter.

When should I arrive?
You performance start time is the ticket type that you selected at booking. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to this start time. For instance, if you booked an 8pm session, please arrive at the venue at 7.30pm.

How long does the show go for?
Visitors are welcome to explore the space for 60–70 minutes at their own pace.

Does A Midnight Visit start at midnight?
No, it doesn’t. There are multiple sessions each night, starting from 6pm on Wednesdays to Saturdays, and from 5pm on Sundays. The latest time a session has begun is 10pm.

Can I sit down during the show if I get tired?
There are not many places to sit during the show as you spend most of your time walking through the many rooms in the set exploring all the different areas. Should you feel the need to rest however, alert one of our ‘Grieving Widows’ – figures dressed all in black – and they will assist.

Is the show suitable for pregnant woman?
Yes. We have had many pregnant women attend the show. We are unfortunately unable to accommodate parents with babies however.

Is the show accessible?
A Midnight Visit is not fully wheelchair accessible. If you have accessibility requirements, please contact us.

Is it scary? Will there be jump scares?
The show is more gothic and mysterious than scary. There are no jump scares, but there is some suggestively gruesome set installations and themes of death.

I have claustrophobia. Is it possible to attend the show and avoid small confined spaces?
The set of A Midnight Visit contains many small and large spaces which you can choose to enter or avoid as you wish. You will not at any point to be coerced to move into a confined area.

Will I be separated from my partner/group?
Groups may be randomly split up – but not for the entire duration of the show.

Do you have a cloakroom?
Yes, there is a cloakroom at the venue. All bags will need to be checked in here before the show begins, and can be collected afterwards. We do advise you arrive at the venue as unencumbered as possible to avoid queuing.

Is there an age limit?

A Midnight Visit is recommended for mature audiences aged 15+ years. If you are aged under 18 years you must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. The performance involves adult themes, nudity, coarse language, alcohol use, strobe and haze effects.

My child is 14 years old but I think this would be suitable for them, can I bring them?

Yes. This is theatre for the next generation and we’re pleased to welcome young people. But we’re also conscious that A Midnight Visit contains dark themes and adult content. So while we recommend the performance for those aged 15+ years we also appreciate that parents can exercise their own judgement and that there will be many younger teens who will also revel in A Midnight Visit.

Can I use cash at the venue?
A Midnight Visit is a cash-free venue, including The Raven’s Rest bar. We accept all major cards for payment.

Can I take photographs in the show?
Photography is not permitted during the show in any of the performance spaces. You are very welcome to take pictures in the bar area however.

Do I need to bring my reading glasses?
It is advised to wear your reading glasses if you need them. Before the show, you will need to sign a waiver, and it is important that this is legible before you sign. If you do need them for this purpose, arrive early so you can sign your waiver and then check in your glasses to the cloakroom..

For more information please read our ticketing Terms and Conditions.